Fish Eagle Spa is a Natural Sulphur Hot Spa, water at a temperature of 36 C bubbles up from below the
earth into our pools.
Guests who stay in our accommodation may bath anytime of the year.

Natural Sulphur Hot Spa
& Accommodation

Fish Eagle Spa is situated 38 km's from Aliwal North on the R58 to Lady Gray and is 15 km's from The Thaba Nkulu Game Ranch. We offer 2 accommodation units which sleep 5-6 guests. The spa is a get away from the stresses of urban life situated 300m from the Orange River, a great place to relax and unwind with the added bonus of the health spa water which is a constant 36 degrees. Come to the natural sulphur hot spa and get back to nature.

Fish Eagle Spa is very secluded but does have Eskom power and cooking with gas. Linen and towels are all supplied.

What You Need to Know

To gain access to the Fish Eagle Spa you will require a high vehicle but not necessarily a 4x4 Normal cars cannot gain access the spa.

You will need to insure you have taken all provisions you require for your stay as the spa is 38 km's from the nearest shops.

There is no mobile phone coverage at the spa but is available 1 km away.

No spa services are available at our resort.

Guest will need to collect keys from Thaba Nkulu Game Ranch

Thaba Nkulu Game Ranch

Fish Eagle Spa is part of The Thaba Nkulu Game Ranch which is 23 km's for Aliwal North on the R58 to Lady Gray. The Game Ranch offers 3 Double Rooms, Bed & Breakfast. With the added attraction of an 1600 hectare game park for guests to explore in their own vehicle or take a guided drive with the Game Ranch staff.

History of The Fish Eagle Natural Sulphur Hot Spa

When the current owners of the spa started The Thaba Nkulu Game Ranch in 1996 Dr. Naude recalled seeing hot water coming from the ground on the farm Badts Fontein close to the Orange River and thought that it would be a wonderful addition to add to the Game Ranch giving it's own Private Hot Spa. Dr. Naude approached the owner who agreed to sell and the Fish Eagle Spa came to life. A period of 4 years passed whilst the area was rezoned from agricultural land to tourism use.

First built was a natural Jacuzzi which ran into a big pool with a built in bar and a kiddies fun pool. The spa became very popular but a problem arose as mud accumulated in the Jacuzzi every time heavy rain hit the area, and the pools were either washed away or filled with sand. A contractor was then brought in to build a huge wall above the pools to redirect the excess water. 1200 candles of dynamite were used to make a channel large enough to handle the water.  Thereafter development of the natural sulphur hot spa resulted in 2 Jacuzzis on top of the eyes of the hot water, big lava pools to which the  Jacuzzi water over flows and the kiddies fun pool. We hope you enjoy your stay at our spa.

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